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Biomimicry by design

Biomimicry by design

Allter’s chemical inertia reflects some of our company’s main priorities. We consider it the duty of the inhabitants to take care of this planet. Allter aims to contribute to better, safe protection of the environment where pipework, joints and installations are concerned.

For instance, Allter’s Visco-rite's chemically inert composition is without certain possible masking ingredients specifically to achieve ultimate corrosion prevention and sealing of concrete and steel in industrial applications. The Allter prime is a development suitable for damp applications and surfaces that have been prepared to grade ISO 8501 St 2 or St 3. The primer dries fast to allow for additional mechanical protection or a top coat. The product can be applied with a brush, spatula or sprayed on from 150 micron. Allter Prime™ can also be used as a dip or patch if desired.

In addition to the sustainability, the following properties are also important characteristics of Allter Prime and Viscorite™:

  • Stress free and void free
  • Withstands expansion and contraction
  • No cracking or disbonding
  • Full and permanent steel coverage
  • Safe for applicators and environment
  • Lasts as long as the asset it protects
  • High specific insulation of 10.16 ohm.m2
  • Inspectable by a window or sensors
  • Insulation Value of 0.19 W.k.m.
  • Quick and easy to install on St2/3 derusted substrates
  • Passive Fire Protection properties in case of 4mm Visco-rite 70HB
  • High temperature (150 degrees Celsius) resistance
  • Surface tolerant, including to moisture
  • Can be applied Subsea on request
Allter Prime™: The alternate for above ground zinc coatings

100% Selfhealing in case of compression by an outerwrap tape (PVC, PE, Sillicone, EPDM) or shrinkable wrapping tape for larger diameter pipelines.