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Therm™ 600ALU

is a pure inorganic silicate polymer.

Therm™ 600 ALU is a high performance single-component pure inorganic high temperature resistant coating, designed to protect carbon- and stainless steel atmospheric exposed substrates in both cryogenic and elevated temperature applications. The material is fully ambient curing and can withstand temperatures from -196°C up to 600°C (-321 up to 1112°F).

The alternative for heat-resistant silicone coatings.

Allter Therm™ 600 ALU The alternative for heat-resistant silicone coatings.


The objective is the provision of aboveground paint coating solutions that are friendly to humans and the environment and unique in their composition and effectiveness on damp surfaces. Allter® aims to supply a universal next generation primer that is simply the best for long-term corrosion protection of durable assets from a holistic, TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) point of view, with an optimum lifespan of 15 years at up to 230 degrees Celsius.


  • Outstanding thermal cycling resistance
  • Single component, easy to use coating
  • Self-priming (DTM) on carbon-and stainless steel substrates
  • Service tolerant and UV resistant
  • Prevents stress corrosion cracking (SCC) of stainless steels
  • Service temperature from -196 up to 600°C (-321 up to 1112°F)
  • Can be applied on hot substrates (up to max. 130°C/266°F)
  • Can be applied with Airless, conventional spray and brush & roller
  • Can be used for in shop (OEM) as well maintenance applications
  • No need for heat curing
  • Can be topcoated with Allter-Therm™ 650 TC (various RAL and safety colours)

Suitable industries

Suitable industries are petrochemical facilities, chemical plants, Offshore, power plants, refineries etc

Application examples are non-insulated piping, process vessels, storage tanks, heat exchangers, stacks, ductwork, steam pipes and other equipment.

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