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Fusion Tape™

is a self-fusion, amalgamating PIB rubber tape.

Allter Fusion Tape™ is a cold applied shrink- and self-priming tape with self-fusion, amalgamating properties with a high durable flexibility for buried and atmospheric services. This self-fusion tape is particular designed for sealing, waterproofing and insulating irregular shapes and surfaces made from new and old cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, coated steel, galvanized steel and plastics like PE and PP.

The alternate for utility pipe coatings

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The objective is the provision of aboveground paint coating solutions that are friendly to humans and the environment and unique in their composition and effectiveness on damp surfaces. Allter® aims to supply a universal next generation primer that is simply the best for long-term corrosion protection of durable assets from a holistic, TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) point of view, with an optimum lifespan of 15 years at up to 230 degrees Celsius.


  • Self-priming/No primer required
  • Peel strength to steel (>5N/cm. at 23°C/73°F) according ISO 4587
  • Self fusion, fully amalgamating tape
  • Excellent adhesion to steel and difficult substrates like PE and PP
  • Excellent durable flexibility, up to 2 times the original length
  • Excellent barrier properties
  • Electrical Resistivity (>3x1013MΩ) according to ISO 13931
  • Good UV resistance
  • Fast and easy to install by hand
  • Perfect for irregular shapes
  • Service temperature from -40up to +70°C (-40 up to 158°F)
  • Environmentally friendly product/safe to use

Suitable industries

Suitable industries are petrochemical facilities, chemical plants, Offshore, power plants, refineries.

Examples of applications are small and mid-size diameter pipes, appendages, elbows, bends, joints, bolts, cable connections, splices etc.

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