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Mock Up Allter Repai Patch

Tape™ Products

The alternate for utility pipe coatings
Allter Tape™ is the alternate self-fusing tape solution for replacing tape systems where a corrosion protective primer underneath is required.

Key features

  • The overlapping part could be entirely fused.
  • Cold shrinkable, tape could be elongated up to 2 times of original length at room temperature,the contraction can enhance the sealing after wrapped.
  • Perfect sealing, waterproof and insulation performance.
  • Stable UV resistance.
  • Wrapping by hand, no heating necessary.
  • Easy application for irregular shapes and surfaces.
  • More than 20 years of Stable performance.

Suitable industries

Allter Self-fusion Cold Shrink Tape is designed to prevent corrosion and keep water resistance.

for small-middle size pipe, elbow bend, steel-plastic adapter, screw joint, ball-crossing pipe, bolt, etc.

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Fusion Tape™

Allter Fusion Tape™ is a cold applied shrink- and self-priming tape with self-fusion, amalgamating properties with a high durable flexibility for buried and atmospheric services. This self-fusion tape is particular designed for sealing, waterproofing and insulating irregular shapes and surfaces made from new and old cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, coated steel, galvanized steel and plastics like PE and PP.

Allter Repair Patch
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